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G Salt (Pure Salt)

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The chemical product manufacture such as be used for the sodium sulfide , sodium silicate , be used to make sulfate paper pulp at paper making industry, instead of soda ash at glass industry, be used as fill agent at fuel industry. At dye printing industry be used for assistant dye agent, Besides, also be used at produce synthetic fiber, process hides, colored metallurgy , enamel , soap, Detergent etc.

Product Name:   G SALT (Pure SALT)
Purity(assay): 99.0%min
Water-insoluble: 0.10%max
Moisture: 0.5%max
Sulphate: 0.35%max
Calcium: 0.035%max
Magnesium: 0.045%max
Hardness(80 GPL sol'n): >50 PPM
Iron(as Fe): >50 PPM
Black Particles: 10/Kg. max
pH(5% Aqua sol'n): 7..8
Packing: 50KG HDPE bag with in side Liner.
Physical character: Achromatic color, white powder. Easy to dissolve in water